NSF Multicell MIMO Project

NeTS: Medium: Multicell MIMO for Scalable High-Density Wireless Networks

NSF Project Number: CNS–1513884

Project Overview

This project studied techniques for scaling wireless network performance linearly with the number of access points in high-density network deployments. Current wireless network performance scales only up to the number of orthogonal channels, which is often quite a small number. This project looked to achieve performance scaling well beyond the number of orthogonal channels through access point cooperation and advanced signal processing techniques. The project demonstrated significant performance increases through novel coordinated multipoint transmission techniques and scheduling algorithms that produce near-optimal aggregate throughput among all solutions that satisfy a given fairness constraint. The project also demonstrated techniques for implementing a given communication schedule across multiple APs in a dense network using contention-based MAC protocols, which allows our cooperative approach to be achieved without requiring a full TDMA implementation. Finally, the project studied the application of nonlinear precoding to handle interference at the edges of access point (AP) clusters as well as interference between neighboring APs that is not well-managed through linear methods.

Project publications can be found on the individual publication pages of the professors listed below.


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